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5 Keys To Having A Better Attitude At Work

5 Keys To Having A Better Attitude At Work

Having a better attitude can go a long way in today’s workplace.  With expectations for getting more done faster, ever-present emails, and increased competition, you can really stand out by being a positive person. A few beacons of positivity can really make the difference between an office that you dread walking into, and one that gets everyone working at their fullest potential. You can influence the environment you want to work in!

I am not saying that you have to be optimistic beyond what’s realistic, but everyone has the ability to look at things in a different light and choose to have a better attitude.  Here are five of my suggestions for having a better attitude at work:

1) Be the king or queen of rejection

No one likes to get rejected and rejection will put most of us in a sour mood right away.  Studies have even shown that rejection may be linked closely to physical pain, causing our bodies to subconsciously avoid it at all costs. The key is to get comfortable with being rejected, so that you can get back up and keep going!

This fear of rejection can hold us back from going after something that we want or something that could make us happy. The problem is; if we’re never striving, we’re not feeling fulfilled and that leads to a grumpy disposition at work.

Here’s a quote from Dan Stanford to help you stay positive and keep your head high even when dealing with rejection: Experience is what you get when you don’t get what we want.

See? Rejection can still be a “win” - you win experience that will make you that much better and more prepared the next time around. If you keep this quote in mind, all possibilities of rejection will just be winning experiences; allowing you to have a better attitude across the board.

2) Don’t let others drag you down

Have you ever worked at one of those places where everyone complains about how awful it is, yet they all still work there? Venting is a slippery slope; get involved in one venting session and it will feel acceptable to do again, until venting is the only way you communicate.

Some people don’t like the situation they are in, but endure it for one reason on another. If you truly feel unhappy at work, figure out why (to help, here are common reasons why you might hate your job); and keep in mind that just because a situation is not right for you, doesn’t mean it’s not right for others.

If you don’t like your job, there are things that you can do to improve your situation.  Believe me, venting and complaining doesn’t make it any better. Don’t let negativity drag you down, and don’t be the negative force for others - you have control and take steps to do what’s right for you.

Woman being happy at work

3) Always look at the bright side

Just like anywhere else in life, disappointing things happen and there isn’t much you can do about that. Accept that you will have disappointments. If having a better attitude is important to you, then look at the bright side of those events when they do occur. Of course, this is much easier said than done, especially in the moment. Looking for the silver lining is a commitment!

As I mentioned in item two, surrounding yourself in negative energy doesn’t make a situation better and it certainly won’t make you feel better. Why bother letting negative feelings waste your precious time? Acknowledge the disappointment, commit to recognizing the positive results when they show up, and move on!

4) Don’t just point out problems, provide solutions

While I was in the Army, I had to get better at this in order to become a leader.  No one wants to be around the naysayer; that person who is constantly telling others that their ideas will never work. All that does is annoy people and make them feel like you are looking down on them.

One way to start having a better attitude is to start offering solutions. If you identify a problem, be ready to offer some thoughts on how to solve it. When someone else has an idea, work with them to make it the best idea possible. Providing solutions isn’t just a way to remain positive, it’s also a way to demonstrate leadership skills (an added bonus!).

5) Make others happy

Instead of focusing on ourselves and how we are going to get through the work day, imagine if we all helped lift each other up. And that positive energy came back around to lift you up even more. It doesn’t take much to encourage or compliment someone every once in a while. Even a simple “good morning” with a smile can help start the day off right.

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