Expert Advice from Focused Consulting, LLC: How to Prepare for Your Interview (Step 4 of 4)

On October 4th we introduced you to communication expert Barbara Sucoff, President of Focused Consulting, LLC. Barbara has shared with us her four step prep process for the interview candidate, and each week this month we’re highlighting the details of one of the steps. This week is the final step, Step 4: Follow up


 Interview Prep Process: Step 4

Why is this step important?

You’ve spent the last 3 steps identifying how you want to be perceived, and acting in a way that supports your brand. Skipping Step 4: Follow up will completely negate all of that work. The impression you make, and accurately representing yourself and your brand carries through in the follow up. 

What are the activities associated with this step?

  • Write ‘thank you’s: Send a thank you email and a handwritten note to each interviewer. The content of all thank you notes should be short, specific, and personalized based on the conversation you had. Review the notes you took during the interview and make a connection to what was discussed. Before hitting send, triple check for proper grammar and spelling; read your note aloud and read it slowly.
    For your handwritten thank you – use nice stationary and good penmanship. If you have chicken scratch handwriting, dictate to a friend with good handwriting.

  • Respond promptly: When the request comes for references or to review and respond to a job offer, make sure you acknowledge receipt of the request even if you can’t fully respond right in that moment. Try to reply to an email from a potential employer within the same business day and no more than 24 hours. You are demonstrating how responsive you are.

  • No ghosting: If you decided that this job is not for you, don’t ghost the company. Remember that you still have a perception and brand to represent. Be honest, be upfront, thank them for their time and tell them that you have decided to pursue other opportunities.

When should I have this step completed?

All thank you notes should be sent before close of business that same day.

How important is this step, really?

Your follow up is the bow on the Tiffany package, the icing on the cake. It’s your opportunity to seal the deal and differentiate yourself from the pack. Don’t fall short.

Key takeaway:

Nobody cares more about your career than you do. How you conduct yourself through the entire interview process shares an enormous amount of insight with the interviewer about how you’re going to conduct yourself in business.

Have questions on Follow up, the third step of interview prep? Leave it in the comments below! That way everyone can learn from and contribute to the discussion.


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