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First Impressions

7 seconds is all you get to make a first impression.

You walk in the door, smile, hold out your hand and time is up.


How do you make those 7 seconds count? 

A first impression is all about the energy you project and how you’re perceived: A good first impression can open doors of opportunity, while a bad first impression can leave you with missed opportunities. Business Insider, among other sources, validate that seven seconds is all you get to make that impact.

This means the impression starts with how you dress.

Have you ever had to wear traditional business attire? If you’re like me, and most young working professionals today, you probably had to at some point. 

But do you have to suit up every day? Every week? Most likely, no.

The majority of offices these days have casual dress codes - even JP Morgan is now business casual! - but professional attire is still a must if you want to put your best-foot forward in high-profile situations such as interviews, executive presentations, sales meetings, and networking events.

Despite the diminishing daily need for professional attire, the cost of a quality business ensemble – one that will help you nail that first impression – is not moving in the same direction: $600 is the average price for a professional suit…Are you interested in spending that much on something you'll wear less than once a month? 

I've spoken with individuals who purchase a suit for an interview, wear it for the big day, and then never wear it again because by the time they need a suit again, it either doesn't fit or is outdated. 

If you’re a college student preparing for interviews – why spend hundreds on something that will sit in the back of your closet when you can save money and rent for the occasion?

That’s what got me thinking – I’m Erica, CEO and Founder of Own The Boardroom. OTB is an online company focused on helping you present your executive-self without needing an executive salary by offering an affordable alternative to purchasing expensive professional attire.

Does this mean you have to be an executive to use our service? Not at all: Own The Boardroom is here to help you on your journey to becoming that executive, that leader, that go-to person in your professional network.

We give you the opportunity to rent designer-quality professional attire so you can present your best self in any business situation regardless of your position, salary, or status.

Sign up for our email list! We’ll keep you updated on our growing collection – think of it as your closet for all business attire needs. You’ll also receive the latest guidance on how to project professionalism, confidence, and competence in every business situation. You’ll receive two to three emails each month. We do our research, so these tips take time to write!

Leverage us and step into your executive-self. We’re excited to help you #OwnTheBoardroom!

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