Five Keys to Success: Interviews

Interview Tips

Interview season is fast approaching - don't wait until last minute to prepare. Start adopting these tactics now to make crushing that interview feel effortless!

If you do a simple search online you can find lists and lists of do's and don’ts for interviews. Most tips, like what questions to expect and what to wear, will vary by industry, role, and individual company. 

Below are five important tips that remain constant regardless of your specific situation. Beware: not following these can turn an interview sour even when you say all the right things. For those of you that aren't interviewing, these can still be applied in other business situations like client meetings or presentations in order to make an impactful and positive first impression.  

Do you agree with these tips? Are there any you would add to the list? Scroll beyond the infographic for more details. 

Five Keys to Success

  • Don't wear perfume or cologne.

  • Of our five senses, smell is most strongly connected to memory. While you like your perfume or cologne, you don't know how sensitive others are to different scents, nor what memories (good or bad) they associate with that particular one. Mitigate risk by keeping your perfume and cologne at home.

    Always be kind and respectful to everyone you encounter.

    This is a standard tip for life in general, but can be easy to overlook when you are nervous and stressed.  Make it your top priority to be kind to those you meet on your way to the interview.  Even those not directly interviewing you may have influence, plus when you get the job and walk into the building on your first day you'll feel better knowing you can start on the right foot.

    Avoid jingly jewelry.

    This goes for you too, men! It's okay to include personal flare, but you don't want anything to distract from your conversation. In addition, stay away from large rings: a handshake should be firm, not painful. 

    Be aware of your body positioning.

    I highly recommend starting to notice your body positioning when out with friends and family so that you don't distract yourself by thinking too much about it during the interview. Keep in mind: leaning forward shows engagement and interest, leaning back shows disinterest, and having your arms crossed shows discomfort.

    Prepare your talking points.

    Your work experience is what it is, but all individual experiences are multi-faceted. There's always a way to position your prior roles so that each demonstrates qualities that are key to this new job.  Prepare these positions and anecdotes before your interview and practice, practice, practice!

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