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How to Write a Good Resume and Cover Letter in 2017

A few weeks ago I shared some learnings on how to craft a resume that gets you the interview. What I didn’t address in that blog post is the cover letter. As much as you write a good resume and modify it to tailor it to the job, your cover letter should be fully customized for each application.

I know you just rolled your eyes at me, I understand the feeling: your already time-consuming job search process just got twice as time-consuming. Or did it?

Fully customizing your cover letter doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. In this video produced by Whole U. TV, Shannon O’Brien (founder of Whole U.) and Yvette Terry (CEO of DivineDesign) discuss real tactics for making your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter stand out.

The strategy Yvette shares for writing a successful cover letter is my biggest takeaway from the video and I recap it below. What’s your biggest takeaway? Share in the comments!


Erica's big takeaway

How do you write a successful cover letter? Use the acronym INTRO

I: Introduce yourself
N: Fulfill a need
T: Tell a story
R: Be relate-able
O: Offer a solution

Having a formula allows you to fully customize each cover letter without suffering from writer’s block. Give it a try and let us know how it goes! As always, remember to proofread your letter before submitting. Typos, run on sentences, and improper grammar can cross you off the list even when your content is golden.


Whole U. is a career and life strategy consultancy ranked on Yelp as #1 Career Coach and Life Coach in Boston. Whole U. takes a holistic approach to helping clients find the path to achieve their career and life goals. Learn more.

Yvette Terry is a professional resume write and founder of DivineDesign, a Professional Resume Writing Center that specializes in quality resumes, cover letters and career biographies. Established in 2002 DivineDesign offers marketing materials that capture clients unique talent, skills and experience and connect personal branding to help set you apart from competitors and grab employers' attention.

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