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Movember Grooming

In honor of Veteran's Day, which happens to fall during "Movember", I collaborated with Veteran-owned Good Beards to deliver you tips on keeping your (or your man's) facial hair under control, healthy, and office-approved. 

Trends and expectations in the workplace are constantly changing. We exist in a time when wearing jeans and sneakers to the office doesn't make you any less of a professional. Even JP Morgan now has a business casual dress code.  

A similar trend is happening with facial hair: acceptance of facial hair in professional settings has normalized. There's no need for men to shave every morning.

Despite the trend towards casual attire in most offices, you still need to present yourself in a way that is put-together. As mentioned in last month's post– you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression. What is driving that impression? your presence and your appearance.

Thanks to DropZone for Veterans who facilitated the introduction; I met with Dan Good, CEO and Founder of GoodBeards.com, to talk about how men with facial hair can be sure to present their executive-best self.

Before we jump into the Q&A with Dan, let's set the record straight: Men - you can look professional and clean-cut with facial hair.

Photos provided by Dan Good, CEO and Founder of Good Beards


Q: What influenced you to start Good Beards?
A: I got out of the military and decided I no longer wanted to shave; my wife decided she didn't want me to look homeless. I started looking into different products to figure out what I could do to make sure my beard was healthy and comfortable. I found many products that were high priced and sold only online - so I couldn't test or smell them. That led me to create my own products, which then expanded to creating products for family, friends, and now I sell to 8 countries through Good Beards. 

Q: Recommendations for men to look well-kept?
A: My best advice is to buy a good boars hair brush and beard balm. The balm will condition the skin and hair and make it a lot easier to manage. I'm a big user of balm - heavier oils help weigh down your hair and keep it closer to the cheek-line so it's not unruly. 

Q: Are there any special treatments you use when getting ready for a night out or suited-up event?
A: For these special occasions I will definitely throw on a little extra Amber Waves balm or some Kingmaker balm (those are my wife's two favorites). I want to make sure I'm smelling good but also that the beard looks nice. 

Q: Do you notice being treated differently now that you have a beard vs. Prior when clean-shaven?
A: I think the beard actually fits my personality more - it rounds out my look. When I shaved it for charity last April everyone seemed very concerned about when the beard was coming back. In addition to Good Beards I work a corporate IT job and haven't had any issues in the workplace, but I think part of that is because I keep my beard clean and kept. 

Q:How long have you had facial hair?

A: I started growing a beard after I got out of the military. At this point, I've had a beard since 2014 - except when I shaved it in April 2015 for charity!


...Thanks for the tips, Dan! 

Do you have a beard and a corporate job? What's your go-to technique for keeping it clean-cut without being clean-shaven? If you have more questions for Dan, please leave a comment on this post and we're more than happy to continue the discussion!

DropZone for Veterans is a Boston-based aggregator that connects veterans with the resources available to them, tailored to their individual needs and interests. Their official launch is TODAY! Visit www.DropZoneforVeterans.com to learn more.

Good Beards provides affordable, handcrafted, beard oils and balms so you can easily walk the line of professional and razor-free. Check out Dan's product offerings at www.GoodBeards.com

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