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How To Take Advantage of Your Office Holiday Party

THE CHALLENGE: This year I challenge you not to stick with your office friends and coworkers during the holiday party.


It is the perfect, low pressure opportunity to advance your career - take advantage of your office holiday party.

The most efficient way to find your next opportunity is by making real connections with others (especially others with hiring power). So if you've started clamming up at the thought of perfecting your elevator pitch, take a deep breath because there's no need!

Yes, competence is important - you need to be able to deliver when you get the promotion - but what makes people want to work with you, and what makes you top of mind for any position is your likability and presence.

The best way to demonstrate that is by listening.  (Do you agree? Tweet this.)

Imagine: you're at the office holiday party (sure, it might still be held at the office, but it is a party). You see your CEO over by the snack table - It's much less awkward to walk up to him or her to ask about holiday plans than it would be to swing by the corner office on a regular business day for some small talk. Do you agree?

Depending on your role in the company and place in the hierarchy, the only opportunities you have to mingle with the executives is at company hosted events. And most likely, only a few of those events - holiday party being one - are in a social context.  Make sure that you take advantage of your office holiday party, instead of letting it slip away.

Below are our suggestions for how to make those connections while presenting your best-self. What tips works for you?

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