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Post Interview Etiquette In A Nutshell

So you took the time to dress appropriately, research the role and company, and prepare smart questions. You’re confident you made a great first impression and think you nailed the interview.  Your mom always told you to call them back the next day to show them that you are serious, but is a phone call proper after interview etiquette in 2017? What would you even say?

After the interview, you want to make sure that the hiring team knows you are still interested in the job.  Since your interview should have been a two-way street, you want them to know you enjoyed the time you spent meeting them.  The key is to relay your enthusiasm and interest without pestering or disregarding their set interview processes.

Post-interview etiquette

Follow these actions for proper after interview etiquette:

Get business cards

Most professionals are going to slip you a business card as soon as you shake their hand, but if that doesn’t happen during the interview conversation, make sure you ask for one before leaving.  Knowing everyone's email, phone number, and the correct spelling of their name is valuable information to leverage in your follow up.

Ask about next steps

Before you leave your interview, you should ask what comes next in the process.  This is an essential step that when skipped, will leave you distracted and unsure. Don’t feel uncomfortable about it; it is perfectly acceptable after interview etiquette to ask the hiring manager what you can expect for next steps and communication so that you aren’t left in the dark.

This information will help guide you on when to follow up, when to move on, and helps you decide whether this role fits with your employment timeline and needs.  The unfortunate reality of 2017 is that companies will ‘ghost’ you instead of sharing bad news. Knowing their timeline allows you to know when to move on to the next opportunity.

Send thank you notes

You may be getting sick of hearing this from us, but following up with customized thank you notes sets you apart and solidifies  a lasting impression.  

Using the contact information that you collected from the business cards, write each person that you met a personalized thank you note.  Even if you don’t have the time or means to write physical notes, you should send an email within 48 hours.

In your note, make sure that you keep the message short and concise.  Take the opportunity to remind them why you are the perfect choice for the position, and add a sentence detailing what was memorable about your conversation with that specific individual. This shows that you’re attentive, thoughtful, and reminds them that you made a connection.

follow up with a phone call 

Follow-up with a phone call

The hiring process can be long and drawn out.  Sometimes the process can span over several months and requires multiple waves of interviews.  If you don’t hear back within the time frame that they specified, follow-up with the hiring manager and see where they are in the process. Persistence is a valuable quality.

When following up, make sure that you are polite, respect their process, and emphasize your interest. You want to understand their process and expectations for  when they plan to make a decision.  While it feels stressful to not know if you got the job, don’t come across as pushy or frustrated. If the response when you call is that they “decided to go in a different direction”, remain calm and thank them for their time and consideration. If you feel up for it, ask for feedback on why you did not get the position - it will help you improve for the next opportunity.

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