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This time of year - in the wake of Thanksgiving, the approach of the rest of holiday season, and the new year - there tend to be two types of behavior:

  1. You stay in the moment, experience each holiday as it happens, focus hard on closing out your year in the best way possible (whatever that means to you).
  2. The reflecting begins – comparisons of this holiday season to those prior, considering whether you accomplished in 2017 all you had committed yourself to 11 months ago.

Which experience do you tend to fall under? The participator or the reflector?

Challenge: As the year comes to a close, try to stay focused on 2017. There's still a whole month full of potential for meeting those goals! Save the reflecting for the aftermath of the holiday season, when it's time to set goals for the new year. 

We asked our network to submit the advice that they are most thankful for; the advice that has kept them grounded through highs and lows.

What advice speaks to you? We'd love for you to share in the comments!

 [Submitted by Oltin Cekani, Real Estate Investor at Boston City Properties]

This is not to say that you should stop taking risks; just that when you do, be passionate and confident (and have some data to back it up!).

[Submitted by Cecile Thieulen, CEO/Founder of Simone Simon]


 [Submitted by Robert Brandzen, VP Sales at Pride Exteriors Corp.]


[Submitted by Erica Zahka, CEO/Founder Own The Boardroom]

This quote is from Chuck Close. I first heard it during episode 1 of the Netflix Original documentary series, Abstract. Christoph Niemann - illustrator for The New Yorker Magazine - quotes Chuck Close as a way of expressing that success, mastery, accomplishment all comes from doing the work.

Stay dedicated this month and keep moving forward!








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