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Why it Makes Sense to Rent Suits Online

Why it Makes Sense to Rent Suits Online

These days, most companies adhere to some version of a casual dress code - even JP Morgan changed their dress code to business casual last year. However, the suit is not obsolete. Suits and other formal business attire are still necessary in those periodic high-profile, high-impact situations like interviews, corporate presentations, and sales meetings. If you want to make the right first impression in these situations, wearing a suit is an essential piece of the puzzle.

Because these high-profile situations are few and far between, owning a suit isn’t justified for most of us. The good news is that you no longer need to spend your bonus on a suit that will sit in the back of your closet waiting to be worn: it’s convenient, easy and cost-effective to rent suits online when you need them! Let us explain:

1 It’s cheaper than buying a suit.

A designer suit that costs  $89.00 to rent here at Own The Boardroom will cost over $650 to purchase.  And that $650 doesn’t include dry clean costs, the hassle of packing a suit for a business trip, or the stress of needing a suit tomorrow and realizing today that the one you have is wrinkled and not presentable.  The $650 price tag  leads most of us to waste time searching bargain racks and buying something that doesn’t meet our expectations..  Unless you plan on wearing your suit on a regular basis moving forward, the math will typically tell you to rent instead of purchasing.

Own the boardroom by showing up in the right outfit

2 Avoid the dry cleaner.

You can’t ball your suit up and throw them in the coin operated laundry machine like you do with your workout clothes.  Suits need to be dry cleaned, which takes time and costs money.  If you rent a suit from us, we take care of the dry cleaning and maintenance.  All you have to do is use the prepaid label (prepaid by us!) to send it back after renting.

3 Tailoring can be a hassle

The typical suit buying process requires tailoring. This is because of the six inch ratio between jacket size and waist size for full suits.  Maybe you fit this golden ratio, but we have yet to see a customer that has selected a jacket and pant size that differs by six inches.  After buying your suit, you will have to find and visit a tailor for measurements and alterations, spending more of your time and money.

4 Don’t worry about outgrowing your suit.

When renting, your suit will always fit your current measurements. If you buy a suit, you are betting that you won’t gain any more than a few pounds before you will have to wear it again.  When you rent suits online, you can rent something two inches bigger (or smaller!) next time without any hassle at all.  If your high-school age son needs a suit, it’s guaranteed that they will grow out of it before next year. Save your money and rent the suit.

Style is important

5 You get the most modern styles every time.

You finally found another opportunity to wear that dapper suit you bought years ago for college graduation.  But is it still dapper?  When you rent suits online, and especially from Own The Boardroom, you are guaranteed to be dressed in quality fabric and up to date style.  

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