Our Story

Leverage Own The Boardroom as your on-demand, business mentor and professional closet.

Own The Boardroom was founded by Erica Zahka - a Tufts University undergraduate and Babson MBA who works in the Tech industry. What is deemed “business attire” in a tech office does not always make the cut in high-profile situations like job interviews, client meetings, sales pitches, or executive presentations. Following office trends is no excuse for bombing a first impression, and a large portion of that first impression is based on how you dress. 

Erica launched Own The Boardroom during the 2016-2017 cohort of Boston WIN Lab, and won the WIN Lab Finale pitch competition on May 3, 2017. 

At Own The Boardroom we level the playing field for those new to the business world.

Most daily office dress codes are casual - why spend money to buy an expensive outfit that you won't need after you get the job? We offer professional attire for rent so you can look the part without financial stress. 

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