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Topics:  Suit Style | 'What if' SituationsReturns and Late Fees

Suit Style

What color suit is best?

Since this depends on your event and complexion, shoot us an email for more guidance.

For now: 

  • If you're fair-skinned, stick with dark suits like navy blue and dark gray, and stay away from pastel shirts and ties.
  • For Medium/Tan skin, go with a gray or beige suit.
  • For dark skin go with a light gray suit and take advantage of your ability to rock pastel shirts and ties.
  • Black is a classic suit color for everyone, but leverage the shirt color in order to complement your skin tone.

Why do you only offer men's suits?

We're working towards being the #1 choice for online rentals of professional attire for any business person in any role. We are starting with men's suits because the sizing is much more consistent than women's clothing, but stay tuned. More options for men, plus women's professional attire are coming!

'What if' Situations

What if I spill while wearing the suit?

Don't sweat it - we understand that accidents happen. We dry clean each suit after it has been rented, but if the suit is sent back to us irreparably damaged, we'll get in touch with you to remedy it. 

What if the suit I select doesn't fit?

We're sorry to hear this! Please contact us with a description of what isn't working and we'll get the proper size in your hands ASAP. 

Returns and Late Fees

For how long do I have the suit?

Suit rentals are for either 3 or 7 days - you decide when selecting the suit! Don't worry about losing track of time: Your return date is listed in the confirmation email, plus we send you reminders. 

How do I return the suit after my event?

You'll receive an email from us with the step by step, but it's very easy:

  1. Place the suit back on the hanger, and in the same garment bag we sent to you. 
  2. Inside the garment bag is the pre-paid return label.
  3. Swap out the label and drop the bag at your nearest UPS store, or leave it with your hotel concierge when checking out. 

Late Fee Policy

We hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to customer experience, and an on-time delivery is part of that experience.

We need your help to be able to uphold that quality: if you send the suit back late, we aren't able to get it to the next renter on time. Our full late fee policy is outlined in Section 7 of our Customer Rental Agreement. We are notified once the label is checked in by UPS, so you will not be held accountable for delivery delays. Return your outfit to UPS by noon the day after your rental period ends in order to avoid $20/day late fees.