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Get Measured

To own the boardroom you must wear an outfit that fits well.

Men: Use the video below as a guide for taking your proper measurements before selecting your suit.

Women: Your video is in the works! Follow the text and image instructions below the video to take your measurements and compare your measurements to the size charts located on the product pages. Then reserve your power outfit.

What you'll need:

  • A tape measure
  • A good friend

Don't have a tape measure? Contact us and we'll send you one for free.

For Men


You now know your jacket and pant sizes - great! One thing we didn't address in the video is jacket length. Here's a generic guide to use:

  • Shorter than 5'7"? Go with a short jacket (labeled "S")
  • 6' or taller? Go with a long jacket (labeled "L").
  • Somewhere in between? You're most likely safe with a regular jacket (aka "R"). 

For Women

1. Bust

This is not the same measurement as your bra band! It is the same as the chest measurement in the men's video: Measure around your body starting at the point under the arm pits. Be sure to measure across your full chest. 

2. Waist

This is also the same as the waist measurement in the men’s video: Measure above your hips, right across the belly button.

3. Hips

Measure around the part of your hips right above your booty. Our dress fabrics have a little stretch to them, and the cut of the dresses is such that it will flatter, not attack, your curves. 

4. Shoulder Width

This measurement only applies to blazers, and is where your good friend comes into play: Keep your arms by your side and have your friend measure starting at one shoulder, across your upper back, to the other shoulder.

The tape measure should be a straight line from one shoulder point to the other.  

5. Shoulder to Hem

This is relevant when looking at the size charts. The Shoulder to Hem measurement tells you where the garment will fall on your body. To measure, stand straight (or lie down on your back). Have your friend start where your collar bone meets your shoulder and measure down the front of your body. 

Size Charts for the Women's collection are located on the product pages. Browse now.